Search Engine Marketing

Need a quick boost in search engine keywords related to your business and don't have months to implement an SEO campaign? We got you covered, let's talk about SEM. More commonly known as "Google Adwords", the term Search Engine Marketing was derived to hide that. Many people ask, what is the difference between SEO and SEM, well the graphic below will show you just that. 


SEM is located in the ad space and implemented through a strategy involving Google Adwords. Adwords was designed as a platform for marketers to somewhat cheat the system and derive web traffic from "paying per click". Though this system is very useful and a great tactic for a business, it can be costly is ran the wrong way which means less $$$ in your pocket and more in Google's. So, let us save you time, money and your hairline because running a successful Adwords campaign is by no means easy.